The Carers Reference Group was set up in November 2011 to help Carers play an active part in the work of the Partnership Board.

The main aim of the Group is to:

  • Provide a forum for carers to receive (and share) information.
  • Assist the Partnership Board in collecting the views of a wide range of Carers. This information enables the Partnership Board to inform the decision makers and planners about the future needs of people with learning disabilities and their families.

Better Action for Families (BAFF) are running the group with support from the Joint Commissioning Service. BAFF is an organisation run by parent/carers and the people they care for and provide a variety of activities and information sessions.

Meetings are held at city centre venues approximately one week before each Partnership Board meeting. Attendance at the Reference Group meetings is entirely voluntary as we appreciate Carers cannot commit to attending regularly due to their caring responsibilities. Members of the Carers Reference Group are invited to represent Carers at Partnership Board meetings and other regional Carer events.

BAFF also provide short training courses and drop-in information sessions, sometimes in partnership with other organisations.

This was our Christmas meet up in 2022!